March 29, 2019

I PREDICT SHE WILL CONTINUE TO MAKE TEN MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR AND BE FETED BY LEFTIES EVERYWHERE: Will Rachel Maddow face a reckoning over her Trump-Russia coverage? “The Mueller investigation was covered more on MSBNC than any other television network, and was mentioned virtually every day in 2018. No twist was too minuscule or outlandish for Maddow; every night, seemingly, brought another nail in the coffin of the soon-to-be-dead Trump presidency. . . . Maddow was not only certain that Russians had rigged the election. On air, she would talk about the ‘continuing operation’ – the idea that the Kremlin was controlling the Trump presidency itself. In more sober times, this brand of analysis would barely cut it on a far-right podcast. In the Trump era, it was ratings gold.”

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