March 19, 2019


Dana Loesch was suckered into attending in the belief that this would be some sort of civil moderated discussion about the pros and cons of gun control. As it was, she was jeered for noting that some rape victims wished they had a gun during their attack, had people shout “murderer” at her, and allegedly needed a security detail to exit the event safely. Loesch reminisced about the magical evening she had earlier today on Twitter:

* * * * * * * *

It was embarrassing all the way through, less town hall than mob catharsis, and of course they’re being rewarded for it by industry watchdogs rather than reprimanded. If you wonder why big media is frequently so terrible, this is a small part of the answer: They’re incentivized to be that way by their own gatekeepers.

As long as it’s remembered that Cronkite himself, far from being the Mr. “And that’s the way it is,” was one of the original Democratic Party operatives with bylines, and would have loved CNN’s hard left coverage, then it’s an absolutely appropriately named award for CNN’s train wreck.

Related: ‘Go be a company man’! Dana Loesch calls out Jake Tapper for pulling this after she told truth about CNN’s Parkland ‘town hall.’ As Glenn posted earlier, Tapper unfollowed Dana — and also her husband Chris, “for pointing out what a sham this award is. Dana presented the facts and truth on that stage which were subsequently proven correct,” as Chris tweets.

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