June 30, 2002

THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR REPORTS that Jordan has foiled an Al Qaeda embassy-attack plot:

US diplomats in Amman were unavailable for comment. But informed sources said four of the men were understood to be planning attacks on the American and Israeli Embassies, and on leisure centers believed to be frequented by Americans recuperating during military exercises in the kingdom. A second six-man cell, says Duwaik, was supposedly planning to hit unnamed Israeli targets across the Jordanian border in the West Bank. He says the men are accused of belonging to a hitherto unknown group known as Al Ashara, or “The 10,” and are now being held in Al-Juwaydah Prison, south of Amman.

And there’s even more good news:

Jordanian officials say popular anger at perceived US support for Israel’s onslaught against the Palestinians and America’s active role in isolating Iraq has turned to helpless resignation.

The Den Beste Plan appears to be working.

UPDATE: And check this out: the EU President endorses Arafat’s ouster.

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