June 28, 2002


A teenager who pleaded guilty to murder described his contempt for school and for America in essays that reveal a transformation from popular student to cold-blooded killer of two Dartmouth College professors. . . .

In another school essay, Tulloch said he believed America treated Europeans and Japanese poorly during World War II and entered the war only when its interests were challenged.

“The Japanese? Well, we had to kill or be killed, right? And the Jews? Well, heck, they’re all the way across the ocean, what do we owe them. And so, since it is a known fact that American lives are worth more than any other, we stayed out of the war. We bombed Japan, ruined countless future generations and still didn’t give a damn,” Tulloch wrote in May 1999, when he was a junior.

Well, he’s a historical illiterate, but he’s got the attitude down.

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