February 27, 2019

OH, THEY CARE ABOUT IT. THEY’RE VERY MUCH IN FAVOR OF IT. Donald Trump, Jr.: Media Prove They Don’t Care About Violence Against Trump Supporters.

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Last week, I asked Turner if he felt he was the victim of a hate crime.
Courtesy of Bryton Turner

“I would like to say no but honestly, I was minding my own business and she threw a fit over my beliefs, so I guess by definition, yeah, I am (a victim of a hate crime).”

Turner said he initially wanted to stay out of the media, but changed his mind.

“We can’t let these people scare us. We can’t let these people win when they assault people who don’t agree with them…. She’s obviously not very intelligent. She just sees a red hat and gets mad ‘cause it represents America, I guess.”

Yeah, pretty much.

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