February 13, 2019


This kind of fringe rhetoric wasn’t over once the Code Pink protesters were removed. Rep. Ilhan Omar, who apologized for using anti-Semitic language this week, used her five minutes to attack “Mr. Adams” as a liar who had been involved in the “Iran-Cortra” affair. Omar is literally reading these talking points from a sheet of paper and still can’t seem to manage it.

After refusing to let Abrams respond to her attack, she then suggested that Abrams believed an infamous massacre by Salvadoran soldiers in 1981 was a “glorious achievement.” Abrams pointed out that the achievement he believes was worthwhile was that El Salvador became a democracy. Omar then pressed him on whether he would back a genocide in Venezuela. Abrams refused to answer what he considered an absurd question and she eventually settled on the less extreme, “Will you make sure that human rights are not violated and that we uphold international and human rights?” Abrams responded that the entire policy toward Venezuela “is to support the Venezuelan people’s effort to restore democracy to their country.”

“I don’t think anybody disputes that,” Omar said, apparently unaware that the Code Pink protesters in the chamber had already disputed that.

How disgraceful was Omar’s performance? “When even Max Boot is calling you out, it might be time for some introspection.” That’s a commodity that’s in short supply for both Omar and Boot.

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