February 11, 2019


Rep. Omar: Regarding Israel, Congress has been bought off by “Benjamins”

Sensible Twitter: Suggesting that Congress’s policy on Israel is based primarily on campaign donations, especially when public opinion is staunchly pro-Israel, sounds kinds anti-Semitic, especially coming from someone who has made anti-Semitic comments in the past

Counter-twitter reaction from the left: Everyone knows that she was referring to how Israel uses AIPAC to buy off Congress

Sensible twitter: AIPAC doesn’t give money to candidates, and as an American organization all its donations come from Americans, not Israel or Israelis

Counter-twitter: Whatever, money from pro-Israel groups, then

Sensible twitter: You mean she’s saying that the 0.2% of campaign money that pro-Israel groups give, $10+ million out of $5+ billion, is enough to buy off the entire Congress?

Counter-twitter (covering ears): La La La, I can’t hear you.

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