February 12, 2019

UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA PROFESSOR SUES STATE FOR NOT INSURING TRANSGENDER SEX REASSIGNMENT SURGERY: Meanwhile, there is the story of Jamie Shupe. Just last September, Shupe was being celebrated in the New York Times as a transgender woman. A few weeks ago, however, Shupe decided to resume living and identifying as a man. Fortunately for Shupe, I don’t think he’d had any surgical interventions.

Something tells me there will be more stories like Shupe’s in the coming years. Surgical interventions will make many of the stories tragic for those who later regret their inability to have children.  Those who spend years of their lives shot up with hormones not normal for their bodies may pay a price too.

UPDATE:  Note that Jamie Shupe’s decision to resume living as a man (which I believe took some courage) is evidently not considered newsworthy in the mainstream media.  That’s predictable.

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