February 11, 2019

HMM: To Hell and Back: Brexit Undaunted By Europe’s Jibes.

If any proof were needed of the EU’s mendacity, sufficient evidence is manifested in the manner in which it has treated a member country that simply wants to exit on amicable terms. Nowhere has the mandarin class demonstrated the virtue of charity in their relations with Britain’s hapless prime minister, Theresa May, and certainly not toward Brexiteers.

Mr. Tusk may believe the simple desire for independence an act worthy of the EU’s wrath. If so, as most sins, it’s a popular failing that grows by example. A recent poll in France disclosed that 40% are favorable toward a Frexit of their own.

For Britons, though, Brexit is less an act of sin than an exercise in redemption, their chance to set the record right and begin afresh. They believe, as American revolutionary Thomas Paine wrote, “We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”

Brexiteers’ aim of regaining independence exemplifies the virtue of justice. Self-government, personal responsibility, and voluntary relations among the nations of the world. The European Union typifies the reverse.

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