February 2, 2019

A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS: “Standing up for himself, the governor is a man alone. It takes a certain crazy willfulness for him to defy the mob when he has become such an inconvenience to his party’s vested interest in deploying the race card at will. Northam’s fellow Democrats badly want him to disappear. So long as his memory remains cloudy and the evidence remains less than conclusive, they deserve his continued tenure in office. He fairly represents the (black)face of the Democratic Party,” Scott Johnson writes at Power Line.

Via PJM, a (likely partial) list — from MSNBC, astonishingly enough — of those who have been calling for Northam’s resignation:

And as Paula Bolyard writes at PJM, “Northam confessing to the Michael Jackson episode, where he ‘blackened’ his face for some kind of dance contest, is… interesting. The only way Northam cops to that now is if he knows there’s a photo or video floating around out there somewhere.”

How crazy was Northam’s press conference? “Video of when Ralph Northam gets asked by a reporter if he can still moonwalk. He looks around as if for space – only to be cut off by his wife who says, ‘inappropriate circumstances.'”

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