January 31, 2019

KNIVES: So I blogged a while back about having just bought and liking the SOG Trident Elite with its assisted opening, glassbreaker, and belt-cutter. Once I loosened up the assisted-opening action (by working it a bit and adding a drop of oil) it became super easy and slick to open with just a flick of my thumb. It’s well made and feels good in my hand. The carry clip was a bit tight, and when I pulled on it it gave a bit too much and now it’s slightly too loose, but it’s a very nice knife.

But, of course, the voices of evil temptation helpful people in the comments told me that I’d really like a higher end knife better. As it happened, I’d just received a modest windfall, so I said what the hell, and ordered the Benchmade 940 and — because Amazon only carries the fixed-blade version, not the “automatic” version — actually went to a store (!) and bought a Benchmade Infidel.

Conclusion: You do get more for the money. The 940 gives you roughly the same size blade as the Trident in a much smaller and lighter package, and the quality is jewel-like. It’s basically a functional work of art, like a fine watch. It opens easily with one hand, but there’s no spring-assist — you have to push it all the way around to locking with your thumb on the stud. Once there, it’s very secure and very nice.

The Infidel is freaking amazing. I’ve never owned an “automatic” knife before — what in less enlightened times used to be denigrated as a “switchblade” — and the opening is lightning fast and shockingly easy. In fact the speed with which the blade deploys and retracts, as related to the small amount of effort required on sliding the opening actuator, seems to violate the law of conservation of energy. It’s super well made as well, the carry clip fit perfectly with no adjustments needed right out of the box, and the blade is super sharp and beautifully made. It’s also awfully expensive. My only complaint, really (besides the expense), is that the carry clip says “Infidel” on it, advertising to everyone who knows anything about what you’re carrying.

Worth the money? Well, yes and no. On the “no” side, the primary use of my carry knives is opening Amazon packages, and even the Trident is overkill for that. But there’s a pleasure in things that are finely made, and the more expensive knives certainly bring that. I’ve never really been a big knife guy, but I get the appeal. (Bumped).

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