January 23, 2019

IF IT WASN’T FOR DOUBLE STANDARDS, THEY’D HAVE NONE AT ALL: You know the stereotypical British leftie: All refugees must be accepted because borders are racist. And we have some sort of historical Original Sin to pay for, so somehow it’s our moral responsibility to ship cubic money elsewhere. Not to mention that taking pride in your nation’s history is racist, of course.

But when UK-based consumer electronics manufacturer Dyson announced it was moving its HQ to Singapore, the UK left has gone into melt-down mode, decrying the loss of prestige that Britain will face:

“Before Dyson, so the story went, we were terrific at inventing bright ideas but rubbish at turning those ideas into profitable businesses. Brits would have the lightbulb moment, but when it came to manufacturing the actual bulbs, that work – and profit – would be shipped far away. Then along came James Dyson, hailed by successive governments, who proved it didn’t have to be that way. A British idea produced a British business.”

Waitaminnit, what? Suddenly “business” and “profitability” and “national pride” are good things?
Who knew?

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