January 23, 2019

TO BE FAIR, HE GETS A PASS FOR EVERYTHING: Media give Obama a pass for anti-black result of his Title IX policies.

When the Trump administration said it plans to roll back its predecessor’s guidance on school discipline and disparate impact, the Obama administration’s education secretaries publicly denounced it for ignoring “our most vulnerable and underserved students.”

Those would be students of color and those with disabilities, who are “disproportionately affected by harsh and often unnecessary exclusionary discipline practices,” wrote Arne Duncan and John B. King.

They have been suspiciously silent about the disparate impact on black men from another Obama policy, one that the Trump administration is also rolling back: sexual misconduct rules.

Erika Sanzi, senior visiting fellow at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, writes in RealClearEducation that “Obama loyalists are trying to have it both ways” by criticizing both rollbacks.

“And truth be told, it’s easy for them to do that that when almost no one in the media, including reporters, forces them to explain the inconsistency and yes, blatant hypocrisy, of their position,” Sanzi writes.

Well, you know how it works:

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