January 21, 2019

THE CAUSE THAT NEVER SHUTS UP: Michelle Alexander’s Call to “Break the Silence [on Palestine]” is New York Times’s Latest Israel Smear.

The op-ed pages of the Times, Washington Post, and other major media outlets are wide open to those on the ideological left who hate Israel regardless of whether, as in the case of Alexander, they have no particular expertise on the subject of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The media especially love the supposedly anguished “as a Jew” pieces, in which Jews, generally with no connection to the Jewish community and with no record of ever having been sympathetic to Israel, purportedly express anguish about how “as a Jew” they just can’t tolerate Israel’s alleged misbehavior anymore.

Do the Israel-haters even recognize the irony of constantly whining about about how their perspective is “silenced” from the op-ed pages of the world’s most influential newspapers?

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