January 20, 2019

JOHN ELLIS: Unicorn Armpit Hair Is a Harbinger of How Bad Things Can Get in 2019. “Body positive campaigns aren’t about ensuring that those who don’t match society’s beauty standards aren’t mocked and ostracized for things they have no control over. Body positive campaigns exist to shame people for having personal standards of beauty. . . . Holding society hostage by expecting everyone to find the whims of feminists attractive is an act of ideological war that deserves to be resisted.”

UPDATE: Drop the “Body Love” Nonsense. “‘Body love’ is a term used mainly by people who fixate on their bodies, feel like crap about their bodies, and then broadcast to the world the exact opposite. They want you to believe that THEY believe every dimple and crevice of their flesh is attractive, so they’ve created a movement to make it socially acceptable to shove their belly rolls in our faces. But talking about how much you love your body means you’re probably trying to convince yourself of something you really don’t believe.”

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