January 19, 2019

WHY IS THE GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZING BIGOTRY? Taxpayers Funded Shrinks Who Deem Masculinity Harmful to Health: Professors involved in crafting guidelines received $4.4 million from taxpayers.

Taxpayers helped finance research used by the American Psychological Association to label traditional masculinity harmful.

The APA’s “First-Ever Guidelines for Practice with Men and Boys” received input from dozens of psychoanalysts who believe masculinity is a social construct, are passionate about social justice, and think there is a danger in a role model like John Wayne.

Several contributors to the guidelines have received federal funding from the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Department of Education, totaling more than $4.4 million.

The guidelines not only suggest “traditional masculinity” limits the “psychological development” of men and harms their mental and physical health, but that it is “critical to acknowledge” gender as a “non-binary construct.”


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