January 17, 2019


Quoth [Molly] Qerim:

“When I saw him giving the football players, a predominantly black sport, and fast food my thought went a very different place.”

Ah, yes. Despite the fact that the VIDEO ESPN AIRED FEATURES WHITE PLAYERS PICKING UP HAMBURGERS TO EAT, that doesn’t disguise the fact that Donald Trump is a huge racist for giving football players Big Macs, Whoppers, and Wendy’s hamburgers. And pizza too!

Because god knows only black people eat fast food.

How dare he?

Donald Trump is an evil racist intent upon inflicting his white supremacy on everyone by giving them free food they choose to eat while voluntarily visiting his residence!

If a president serving fast food to invited guests is racist, then it’s time to overturn pretty much all of the New Deal. And forget #Metoo and the ObamaCare lies; the photos below are proof that these two former presidents have committed serious hateburger crimes.

President Bill Clinton speaks with an unidentified man and woman at a downtown Little Rock, Arkansas McDonald’s after a morning jog Monday, March 30, 1993. The President and his family have been visiting the first lady’’s ailing father in Little Rock. (AP Photo and caption.)

In this May 16, 2014, photo, President Barack Obama, accompanied by Vice President Joe Biden, meets with, from left, Abdullahi Mohamed, Meredith Upchurch and Antonio Byrd at the Shake Shack in Washington. Obama seems to have caught a bad case of cabin fever. Since taking office, Obama has periodically grumbled about the claustrophobia that sets in when his every move is surrounded by intense security, rendering it nearly impossible to enjoy the simple pleasures that private citizens take for granted. But in recent days, the president has made more of a point to get out. (AP Photo and caption.)

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