January 16, 2019

YOUR DAILY TREACHER: Beto Fans Insist: This Is Not a Drill. 

Scott Rosenberg and David McCabe, Axios:

No, Beto O’Rourke did not live-stream his teeth cleaning on Instagram — any more than Al Gore ever actually claimed to have invented the internet. But if you were under the impression that O’Rourke did precisely that, you’re not alone — we did, too!

This is how online myths start.

It certainly is. But what actually happened, you see, was that Beto was live-streaming an interview with his dental hygienist, as a sort of slice-of-life-on-the-Mexican-border thing. And as part of that interview, he, um… well, okay, sure, he literally live-streamed his teeth cleaning. That is exactly, precisely what he did. That’s why there’s footage of it, which Beto took himself, intentionally, and which will never go away now. He did that. But it’s a myth that he did that, because… er…

C’mon, look, just forget he did that, okay? It makes him look silly and dumb, which might hurt him with voters, so let’s just pretend it never happened.

This is how the next two years are gonna go, everybody. The Dems will wave away every single one of this guy’s gaffes and oopsies, no matter how minor. We will be gaslighted. Beto says the Constitution sucks now? Whatever. He says that a border wall is literally Death itself? Big deal. If they’re willing to overlook the time he got in a drunken car wreck and fled the scene, nothing else he does is going to deter them. They’ve got an election to win. They’ve got an orange demon to beat.

For a party obsessed with reducing fossil fuels, Democrats and their media operatives with bylines sure believe in maximum gaslighting.

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