January 11, 2019

FROM HOLLY LISLE (I’M ALMOST DONE READING THIS, AND ENJOYING IT IMMENSELY):  The Longview Chronicles: The Complete Saga [BOXED SET – BOOKS 1-6] (Tales from the Longview).


When the trusted are monsters… one monster becomes a hero.

In the vast reaches of Settled Space, everything is legal, or at least obtainable privately… for a price.

Science has created near immortality, and the wealthy and powerful are buying it to make themselves gods. But these gods require — and create — an endless procession of slaves and sacrifices for their amusement.

Until one twisted creature born to be a sacrifice discovers the truth. This escaped slave declares a secret war against corruption, enslavement , and the wealthy, powerful men and women woh have declared themselves gods, and made their whims law.


Born From Fire
The Selling of Suzee Delight
The Philosopher Gambit
Gunslinger Moon
Vipers’ Nest
The Owner’s Tale.

In one volume with all the original afterwords and one new afterword specifically for this collection.

MEET THE LONGVIEW – An Ancient Spaceship Resurrected To Transport Conspiracy

Inhabited by a crew of misfits fleeing nightmare pasts, with a cargo of Condemned slated to die at the hands of the highest bidders, and with a passenger roster made up exclusively of people NOT who they claim to be, The Longview serves the hidden agenda of an eccentric recluse bent on playing puppetmaster to all of Settled Space.

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