January 11, 2019

I ADMIRE THEIR INGENUITY: New for 2019: Standard Mfg. S333 Volleyfire. “The Standard Manufacturing S333 Volleyfire is unlike any other revolver on the market today because it features two barrels that both fire simultaneously with a single pull of the trigger. This sends two .22 WMR rounds downrange simultaneously, doubling the stopping power of each shot and mitigating the disastrous consequences of a misfire. If one round doesn’t ignite, odds are the second one will. Unlike a semi-automatic firearm, a dud in one of the cylinders doesn’t impede functioning, thanks to the gun’s double-action operation. Each S333 Volleyfire is equipped with an eight-round cylinder, machined in such a way that allows two chambers to align with each of the side-by-side barrels. Four trigger pulls send eight rounds downrange, thanks to the double-action mechanism that indexes the revolver cylinder with each trigger pull.”

I’d like a model with 8 barrels, and a trigger that will fire them all simultaneously. Not because that’s particularly useful, but just because it sounds kinda cool. I think Bernard Cornwell would approve. . . .

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