January 8, 2019

CULTURE ENCOURAGES PEOPLE TO HAVE KIDS AND WANT KIDS. WHEN YOU BREAK THE CULTURE, THE DESIRE FOR KIDS DOESN’T MAGICALLY RETURN JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT IT TO. China’s population shrinks despite two-child policy. “China’s population shrank last year for the first time in 70 years, experts said, warning of a ‘demographic crisis’ that puts pressure on the country’s slowing economy. The world’s most populous nation of about 1.4 billion for decades limited most families to one child in an attempt to keep population growth sustainable. But since 2016, it has allowed couples to have two children in response to concerns about an ageing society and shrinking workforce. . . . Enforced through fines but notorious for cases of forced abortions and sterilisation, the one-child policy caused birth rates to plummet after it was introduced in 1979. However, childbirths have not increased as much as forecast since the two-child policy came into force and there has been rising speculation the government will further ease restrictions.”

Now it can be told: All that “Population Bomb” stuff was actually a long-range plan to fatally weaken China just as it threatened to emerge as a superpower. Somewhere in CIA headquarters, there’s a plaque with Paul Ehrlich’s name on it and a Presidential Disinformation Citation.

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