January 7, 2019

PAUL MIRENGOFF: “Chai Feldblum Is Finally Out at the EEOC.”

I know Chai Feldblum a bit. She is a nice, upbeat woman who has kindly agreed to debate conservatives at Federalist Society events on a number of occasions. For that, I thank her. It isn’t easy to get Progressives to debate race and sex issues at Federalist Society events.

Nevertheless, I agree with Paul that her parting shot on twitter illustrates why Sen. Lee, Sen. Lankford and others were right to oppose her reappointment. She wrote:

Today at noon my commission on the EEOC expires. What a wonderful almost nine-year run I have had! TY to all who worked so hard on my confirmation. We certainly gave it our best shot. Now we must fight even harder for diversity, safety, and equity. There is no other way!

Her job at the EEOC was not to fight for diversity, safety, and equity. It was to enforce the law as written—a task she and her Progressive colleagues strayed from too often. Alas, the EEOC has become renowned for exceeding the law as written. Here, for example, is an amicus brief that discusses the EEOC’s wrongheaded policy on hiring job applicants with criminal records.

It is also worth pointing out that the Trump Administration’s efforts to appoint a non-lawyer to the EEOC position was a mistake. Chai Feldblum would have run circles around a non-lawyer, even a very smart one. The position calls for someone who knows the law in that area. I nominate Paul Mirengoff.

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