January 1, 2019

ADJUST NEWSPEAK DICTIONARIES ACCORDINGLY, COMRADE: European Parliament Issues Pamphlet Encouraging Members to Replace Words Such As ‘Mankind’ and ‘Manpower’ With ‘Humanity’ and ‘Staff.’

I wonder how the parliament’s secretariat would recommend we change the term “man-caused disasters,” coined by former Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano to replace the term “terrorist attacks.” Napolitano says we can’t use the word “terrorist” and now the EP tells us we can no longer say “man.” “Person” is out because “the tendency has been to use it only when referring to women.” Shall we call them “artificial disasters” or “synthetic disasters?” Or should we just be politically incorrect and stick with “terrorist attacks?”

Presumably, terrorist attacks are a thing of the past in Europe, since the EU has now pivoted over to fight the far more important pronoun wars.

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