December 28, 2018

VENEZUELA: Nine military personnel sentenced for plotting to overthrow president.

Nine members of the Venezuelan armed forces were sentenced to up to eight years in prison for plotting to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro in 2014, the Supreme Court said on Wednesday.

General Oswaldo Hernandez and retired Colonel Jose Delgado were among those sentenced to a minimum of five years, the court said in a statement.

Venezuela’s top court rejected a final appeal from the nine defendants who had already seen previous motions dismissed by both a lower court and a court-martial.
They were accused of “preparing in 2014 an insurrectional and destabilizing movement, called operation Jericho, against the government.”

The opposition has accused the supreme court of “serving” Maduro’s interests.
All nine defendants were arrested between March and May 2014.

I wonder if any of them will survive past the length of their sentences.

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