December 21, 2018

WHO’S TROLLING WHO? Sonny Bunch is having fun trolling Vice, the new film in which Christian Bale plays Dick Cheney, calling it “The best superhero origin story of the year:”

Vice—the new biopic about our greatest living vice president, Dick Cheney—is the movie our country needs right now: a story about a small-town guy who overcame the odds and kept his fellow Americans safe in an age of nihilistic terror. It is also the hagiography we need right now, a reminder that America’s greatness lies not with its natural resources or fantastic wealth but within the spirit of her citizens.

One gets the sense that writer/director Adam McKay intended Vice as a damning critique of the Republican Party’s Darth Vader. If that’s the case, he’s badly missed the mark. The Dick Cheney we see in Vice is someone to admire, someone who has overcome adversity and made something of himself despite early stumbles.

Besides (presumably) a fat paycheck and a chance to make Oscar bait for the woke era, it seems pretty obvious that Bale took on the role of Cheney to atone for the popularity of his Batman movies among conservatives (QED). I guess for continued employment in a one party town, it was very important for him to remind Hollywood that, yes, those people like some of my movies, but don’t ever think I’m one of them.

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