December 16, 2018

INCORRECT PREMISE: Why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez drives conservatives crazy.

As a purely tactical matter, Republicans would probably be better off keeping Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer as their leading partisan archnemesis, inasmuch as neither of those candidates can deride the GOP as the party of rich old white folks without inspiring at least a little bit of a giggle.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may personify much of what Republicans despise about the distinctively millennial brand of censorious progressivism that currently dominates the Democratic Party, but, if they were smarter, they’d be grateful for that: If this callow dilettante is the best the other side has to offer, then maybe the Republicans — no strangers to callow dilettantism — still have a chance after all. 

I have no idea if Kevin Williamson wrote the headline to his article, or if it was written by an editor at the New York Post, but Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t drive conservatives “crazy.” For the starboard-side of the Blogosphere, she’s simply an unending supply of material, in much the same way that Sarah Palin, despite being the only candidate in the fall of 2008 who had executive experience, served for the left.

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