December 6, 2018

THE WHEELS OF COSMIC JUSTICE TURN SLOWLY, BUT THEY DO TURN: Bill And Hillary Clinton Had To Drastically Drop The Ticket Costs To Their Events To Mere Pocket Change.

The Clinton’s aren’t doing so hot in the popularity category, and have apparently had to lower the ticket prices to their tour by such a vast degree that they now cost about the same as a trip to your favorite fast food joint.

According to the Daily Wire, former President Bill and never-was President Hillary Clinton are showing up to lackluster receptions at events called “An Evening With the Clintons.” Once the Clintons got to Texas, the tickets for the event dipped to only $6.

While at the event, the Daily Caller quotes Maurine Dowd of the New York Times who attended the Clinton’s event in Toronto. According to Dowd, the audience that arrived was so small and sparse that event organizers forced everyone to come closer together so as not to look like no one showed up.

The Clintons can’t not be in the public eye, but it must be killing them to know these small crowds and low ticket prices say they’ll never hold public power again.

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