December 4, 2018

BY “HATE AND DIVISION,” HE MEANS “POLITICS I DON’T AGREE WITH,” OR WILL. Apple CEO Tim Cook: Those Who Seek Hate and Division Have No Place in Our Platforms. Get woke, go broke.

UPDATE (From Ed): “Legalistics aside, Cook is well within his rights to ban whoever he wants from his private platform. The only problem is that Cook seems to be very selective in what he considers to be sinful not to ban. For instance, the hate preacher Louis Farrakhan still has his app, the Nation of Islam, up in the Apple store. Farrakhan is a rabid and open anti-semite who has compared Jewish people to termites. If Cook considers it sinful to not take action against those who use hateful and dangerous rhetoric against other races or religions, then Cook is a sinner’s sinner.”

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