November 27, 2018

WILL I MISS HAVING A REPUBLICAN HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES? Alas, I probably won’t, not on the race and sex/identity politics issues that I work on. (We probably will on other issues.)

GOP members of the House were mostly terrified of race and sex issues. And because they are terrified, they didn’t bother to inform themselves on them, so they didn’t realize how crazy the law is. Here’s an example: If this tiny legislative fix was deemed too controversial to pass (and it was), then nothing useful can pass.

For decades, many decent conservatives thought the best way to deal with race and sex issues was to smile politely and let the Left get its way. I’ve been called a Cassandra, constantly warning that identity politics was getting bigger and bigger and more totalitarian and corrupt. It was the wrong metaphor: Never lose sight of the fact that Cassandra was right.

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