November 18, 2018

HARVARD’S ANTI-ASIAN ADMISSIONS POLICY: At the Federalist Society’s National Lawyers’ Convention on Friday, the Civil Rights Practice Group (which I chair) presented a panel discussion of Harvard’s discrimination in admissions against Asian Americans. Thank you to the Honorable James C. Ho, Professor Andrew Koppelman, Dr. Althea Nagai, Patrick Strawbridge, and Professor John Yoo for the lively discussion.

As always, I remind everyone that colleges and universities are not doing affirmative action beneficiaries any favors by admitting them to academic programs where their academic credentials are toward the bottom of the class. Students learn more in programs where they are competitive with other students. So if we want more African American, American Indian or Hispanic doctors, engineers, college professors, and lawyers, we should put the brakes on affirmative action preferences and put a stop to discrimination against Asian Americans. See Want to Be a Doctor? A Scientist? An Engineer? An Affirmative Action Leg Up May Hurt Your Chances and A “Dubious Expediency”: How Race-Preferential Admissions Policies on Campus Hurt Minority Students.

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