November 14, 2018

CHANGE: Trump Endorses Criminal Justice Bill, Giving Momentum to Long-Delayed Reforms.

Trump’s statements today were the culmination of months of battle between criminal justice reform supporters and law-and-order conservatives to sway the president’s opinion on the issue.

Trump announced his support for better reentry programs for inmates in his 2017 State of the Union speech, but it was never clear if he would stomach the sentencing reforms that Senate leaders demanded.

On one side, supporting the bill, was Trump son-in-law and senior White House adviser Jared Kushner, celebrities like Kim Kardashian, and conservative criminal justice advocates, such as Mark Holden, the general counsel of Koch Industries and the chairman of Freedom Partners.

On the other side were recently resigned Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Sen. Tom Cotton (R–Ark.), who once complained that America has “an under-incarceration problem.”

Well, in fact, serious violent criminals are under-incarcerated, which is in part a consequence of filling the prisons with others.


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