November 13, 2018

KABUKI: Cummings urges reluctant Dems to back Pelosi for speaker if she wins caucus vote.

Cummings, a Maryland Democrat who has represented a Baltimore district since the 1996 elections, offered a preview of how Pelosi’s allies will attempt to counter arguments that she’s overstayed her welcome as Democratic leader — she’s led the party in the House for 16 years — and has become a divisive figure that has jeopardized Democratic gains in swing House districts.

A slew of Democratic victors in last week’s elections vowed to oppose Pelosi in a House floor vote, imperiling her bid for a second stint as speaker. But no alternative candidate has emerged yet, and Pelosi’s allies are beginning to mount a forceful campaign suggesting that Pelosi’s leadership and experience is necessary to guide the new Democratic majority.

The suspense isn’t exactly killing me.

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