November 7, 2018

YOU HAD ONE JOB: Or perhaps I had one job.  I seem to have made it insufficiently clear why it was very important we not lose the house.
Yes, yes, I know, “but we got the Senate.”  Fine. It’s not a complete disaster.

OTOH this is how I see it:

The dems get two years to hide whatever inky stuff has been going one with the FBI/CIA.  After another two years that swamp might be permanent.

Trump is by nature a deal maker. After the first two government shut downs, he’ll meet them halfway.  This will wreck our economy and yep his presidency with it.  As they did with Bush in 2006, they now have a chance to wreck the economy and have it blamed on the sitting president.

Border security? What border security? Moar Dem voters, citizenship being insignificant.

Seriously, yeah Judges.  Not all is lost.  But this is bad, very bad.  We failed to beat the margin of fraud.  Maybe it was inevitable.  Maybe Trump won in 16 because they seriously underestimated him.

Yeah, they threw a lot of money at this.  But let’s be real, if they can win the House on promises to raise our taxes and throttle our energy production and, oh, yeah, impeach the president that finally got the economy going?  We need to up our game, and somehow we need to clean up vote fraud. Which is now infinitely harder to do, since the loons got the power. No, I’m not giving up.  But this is a heck of a corner we’ve got ourselves painted into.

I’m going to have two fingers of Devil’s Cut and go to bed. Tomorrow it’s back to the trenches.

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