October 26, 2018

IT’S NOT JUST ON THE BOMBING STORY. IT’S ON EVERYTHING:  Why no one trusts the media to get the bombing story right.

I contend this started with their going all in to elect an untried, unprepared Barrack Obama, and showing absolutely no curiosity about things like his grades or even what courses he took or of course the fact he was a third generation red diaper baby.  It continued with the demonizing of the tea party which many of us were involved in and knew was not how it was being described. Then there was the summer of recovery… eight times reported unironically in all major newspapers, including those that should know better.  Why, yes, I am looking at you WSJ.  The spectacular all-in for Hillary and it’s more spectacular backfire.
Now? If the media tells me it’s raining, I go outside to verify. And I don’t take an umbrella.
Part of the tension right now is that we’re flying by instruments and the instruments are broken.

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