October 25, 2018

ROGER SIMON: Does It Matter Which Crazy Sent the Bombs?

Even if Brennan was misspelled, Occam’s Razor is beginning to spell “HOAX”  correctly.  But by and for whom?  Here as well we don’t know, but again followers of William of Ockham would tend to point you toward the left wing – a single leftie nutcase or some Antifa types, perhaps. After all, cui bono?  With Kavanaugh and the caravan, things were not looking good for the Democrats. The subject had to be changed before it was too late and the blue wave turned red. So far, however, it’s not working.

No wonder the reliably left-leaning Chuck Todd is suddenly pointing toward Russia, not some MAGA-hatted redneck with a Confederate flag tattooed on his chest, as the perpetrator. It’s a dead giveaway.  He’s probably hoping for the Russians now.  Because if it goes as it’s currently looking, it’s bad news for his team.

Read the whole thing.

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