October 11, 2018

FREDDY GRAY: Trump’s luck and the Democratic death wish. “The President’s fumbling opponents keep snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.”

Trump has great fortune (I don’t mean money). Every time he is due to fail, his antagonists find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The Republicans who opposed him in 2016 endlessly managed to trip over each other. Hillary Clinton was obviously the best opponent any Republican nominee could dream of. The winds of fate helped Trump preside over an economic mega-boom. And now, a virulent feminism, which demands more than justice, has given him an arguably undeserved reprieve in time for the midterms. It does so while screaming about sex and genitals in a manner that is far more off-puttingly vulgar than anything Donald Trump, for all his locker room talk, could ever manage.

Some believe Trump is a strategic genius — the President himself certainly thinks so. But even the greatest brain could never have anticipated quite how dramatically the Kavanaugh story would change the political script in his favour in October.

I commented elsewhere yesterday that I haven’t seen depressed Republicans come out of their stupor so quickly and with such passion since the birth of the Tea Party. On Kavanaugh, the Left overplayed its hand with such self-destructive passion that you can’t help but wonder if they despise themselves even more than they despise everyone else.

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