October 11, 2018

WELL, THIS IS THE 21ST CENTURY, YOU KNOW: Accelerated Army New Next-Generation Combat Vehicle Will Launch Drones.

While the particular configuration and technology woven into the new combat vehicle is still a subject of Army-industry collaboration, there is widespread consensus that the future armored platforms will be able to sense and destroy enemy vehicles and drones at much farther ranges, make use of active protection systems, leverage emerging AI and command and control systems.

Army developers also say the new vehicle will use more automation and – perhaps of greatest significance – fire lasers and the most advanced precision weaponry available.

Three industry teams have already built demonstrator vehicles: General Dynamics Land Systems, BAE Systems and a Rhienemetall-Raytheon team.

General Dynamics Land Systems, which has now unveiled its NGCV Griffin III demonstrator vehicle, intends to work with Army developers on requirements, weapons systems and technologies as they evolve.

Built with a 50mm cannon on a GDLS turret, the Griffin III integrates Active Protection Systems technology, laser warning systems and drone operations.

The timeline looks a little optimistic, but beyond-visual-range kill capability will eventually come to every major combat vehicle in the Army’s inventory.

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