September 17, 2018

CHRISTIAN TOTO: Imagine If This Happened at the Emmys Tonight… “Imagine if the assembled stars did something dramatically different throughout the night.”

A female winner used her podium time to blast Hollywood for ignoring the Dr. Kermit Gosnell tragedy while promoting the Oct. 12 release of “Gosnell.” “Thank you, Nick Searcy, for bringing this horror story to the big screen so more Gosnell monsters can be brought to justice!”

A best actor honoree chided the media and Democrats alike for supporting a last-minute attack on Kavanaugh, saying it smacked of the very worst instincts in our body politic. “The people in this room wouldn’t like it if Republicans tried this tactic with a Democratic nominee…”

The presenters got serious for a moment, saying free speech must be defended for those who lean to the right. “It’s time for all the snowflakes out there to melt away.”

Much more at the link.

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