September 14, 2018

A DISH BEST SERVED COLD: Former Clinton Aide on Coons: We Would Have Been ‘Better off if the Witch Had Won.’

A former aide to Hillary Clinton expressed his disagreement with Sen. Chris Coons (D., Del.) on Thursday by saying it would have been better if “the witch had won,” a reference to the senator’s 2010 special election opponent.

Coons drew Brian Fallon’s ire after he expressed his desire on the “Hugh Hewitt Show” to bring back the filibuster for federal judicial nominees. . . .

Fallon’s tweet was a reference to the contentious 2010 special election in Delaware, which was called to fill the Senate seat vacated by Vice President Joe Biden. His Republican opponent at the time, Christine O’Donnell, became well-known for her insistence that she was “not a witch” after previously making comments about witchcraft, something she says she “dabbled” in.

Coons beat O’Donnell in the race 57 percent to 40 percent.

The communications director for Coons, Sean Coit, responded to Fallon’s comment by asking, “Is this a parody account?”

Who can tell, these days?