September 13, 2018

OH, THOSE WACKY ALGORITHMS: The FB Censorship Army Is In Attack Mode, Just In Time For Midterms.

The Zuck loves to smack us around. Mansplain us. Manhandle us. We’re like the red-headed stepchildren in the social media world, dontchaknow. We’re the scum of the social media family. We’re treated like absolute sh*t, us conservatives.

And we rarely get cover from other women, because meee-OW. Are you kidding me? Feminism be damned. Those hairy-armpitted, third-and-fourth-waved chicks are totally in it for themselves. They’re worse than any liberal man.

Except for Daddy Facebook. I don’t know what it is with that guy and his hatred for freedom and those who love it. Back on September 7th, Ashley wrote a post about Beto O’Rourke renting a VA hall for a rally. And how he wasn’t too pleased with all the American flags around. Of course, like ALL of our posts, she cited the source for the post, which was from Erick Erickson who pulled it originally from the Navasota Examiner, which is the local (online) paper in Navasota, Texas.

We know what this means. This means that we’ve been flagged by Facebook as one of those “oooooh, y’all are slinging fake news around” sites because, bottom line – we’re conservative. Just so you know, that “third-party fact-checker?” That would be Politifact, which makes me laugh out loud so hard I’m getting a migraine. If you look at the actual post itself, there are Actual People who use Actual SNOPES as a third-party fact-checker, too.

Please. For the love of God. Stop doing that.

I’m not sure how, as Glenn has suggested, it’s possible to break up a social networking site. But it certainly seems like something the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division should be looking into.