September 12, 2018

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Penn State math course covers ‘imperialism’ and ‘cultural intolerance.’

The professor begins with a positive review of Democratic presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton in section two of the midterm, entitled “Red Party Politics Shifts and Cracks,” before asking students to analyze voting statistics between male and female voters during the 2008 presidential election.

“The emergence of the Tea Party played a central role in the 2008 U.S. presidential election,” [the Tea Party emerged in 2009 in response to Obama’s stimulus bill -Steve] the document reads. “The victor was Barack Obama who, like Bill Clinton, served as U.S. president for 8 years – the two men guided always by the strength of character and force of intellect of First Lady Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton.”

[Professor Marc] Fabbri is slated to teach three sections of the course this fall.

Penn State spokesman L. Reidar Jensen told Campus Reform that the school is “aware” of the exam materials and is “in the process of looking into this situation further.”

While Jensen referenced the professor’s right to academic freedom, he noted that the university seeks to “encourage any student who believes that an instructor has acted beyond the limits of academic freedom to consult the policies and procedures in place for seeking a faculty conference and mediation.”

Is Fabbri teaching any actual math to his students?

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