September 11, 2018

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Serena Williams Isn’t Fighting A Sexism Problem, She’s Fighting A Serena Williams Problem.

From what I’ve read so far, Ramos is one of the best umpires the federation. His calls were not personal, and he followed the rules to the letter as he first gave Williams a warning for her first violation, a point penalty for the second violation, and a game point for the third. I realize that in the heat of the moment people can lose their tempers, and there was a lot of heat surrounding Williams. However, Williams cost herself the game by taking it personally and resorting to berating Ramos as a person in return.

One bad turn went into another, and Williams was driving the car with her foot firmly on the gas.

If Williams is to blame anyone for her loss to Osaka, it’s Williams, not Ramos, and definitely not sexism. Her coach actually should shoulder a lot of the blame, but I see absolutely no one blaming him, and he actually confessed to breaking the rules.

Yet Williams wants this to be about sexism, not her entitled attitude.

The social-media excuse-mongering in defense of Williams will lead to even more unsportsmanlike behavior, but that’s OK just so long as the “right” people win. “Get woke, go broke” might already have come to women’s tennis.

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