September 5, 2018

NICK GILLESPIE: Anonymous Tell-Alls in The New York Times Are More a Threat To the Republic than Trump: The president may well be unprincipled, ignorant, and awful, but he was, well, elected fair and square. “Exactly the same sort of thing, albeit in softer form, could be said about any White House. There are always factions and cross-currents. How many members of George W. Bush’s administration, for instance, really gave a shit about their boss’ desire after re-election to enact immigration and Social Security reform? Zero. The Obama White House was riven by differences over health-care plans and foreign-policy disputes as well. Read any history of the Reagan years and you’ll find that it was amazing that anything ever got done given all the in-fighting. Bill Clinton actually had officials resign over policy differences. It’s patently absurd to elevate frictions within the Trump White House to an existential threat to the Republic. In fact, it’s the sort of overstatement that is worthy of, well, Donald Trump, who just doesn’t do nuance.”

The more they tell us Trump’s crazy, the crazier they act. Meanwhile lefties are starting to push the 25th Amendment again — it’s like they’re cycling now — and I have to say, if you think removing Trump will leave you in a better position, well, it won’t. Getting rid of Trump won’t return things to “normal.” It will make sure things are never normal in our lifetimes.

But why do I bother? These people are crazy.

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