August 29, 2018


Ellison also faces credible allegations of abuse from multiple women. These allegations should be enough to disqualify him for the position, but there is more. Ellison, a convert to Islam, has a troubling history of associating himself with highly suspect groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist political movement, and downright hateful groups like the Nation of Islam and its leader Louis Farrakhan, who is on record saying that Adolf Hitler was a “very great man,” and has blamed Jews for everything from the Holocaust to the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Ellison worked for Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam for 18 months, and says he abandoned the group once he realized Farrakhan’s extremist views. But when Ellison worked for Farrakhan he talked of “Jewish slave traders.” As a supposedly older and wiser man, Ellison also allegedly met with Farrakhan — and certainly met with other Nation of Islam leaders — multiple times since being elected to Congress. These ties have led prominent figures to credibly label Ellison as an anti-Semite.

Based on this brief review of Ellison’s resume, it’s fair to conclude he is a man of stunningly bad judgment. Take one recent example. Multiple local news outlets in Minnesota have recently reported on massive welfare fraud occurring in the state. Tens of millions have been stolen, possibly amounting to half of the state’s $200 million child-care subsidies.

Exact estimates are hard to come by, given that the extent of the problem is not even fully known by the bureaucrats who run the program. But we do know that some of this money left the country in suitcases full of cash and ended up in the hands of al-Shabaab, a terror group in direct combat with American soldiers in the Horn of Africa.

Ellison’s complaint? That his opponent worked for mainstream public interest law firm the Alliance Defending Freedom.

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