August 22, 2018


Meanwhile, on Manafort, Andrew McCarthy says: “I don’t get belittling of Mueller’s Manafort win. He made terrible deal with Gates, & it hurt. But SC pitched a shutout on 8 felonies that were decided, didn’t lose any of other 10 counts, and has home game in DC next time. If point was pressure for Manafort’s cooperation, done.”

My own sense is that the legal stuff matters only insofar as it relates to impeachment. If the Dems take the House, they’ll probably try to impeach; if they take the House and the Senate it’s much more likely. If not, there won’t be impeachment. Whether an impeachment effort will work out as a plus for the Dems or not is unclear. The 1998 Clinton impeachment, which in some ways set the table for impeachment talk today, is generally regarded as a failure for the GOP, but they won the White House in 2000. I will note that the Dems’ position on impeachment would be stronger if they hadn’t started talking about impeaching Trump before he was even sworn in.

UPDATE: Mollie Hemingway: 6 Takeaways About Paul Manafort And Michael Cohen’s Legal Woes.

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