August 1, 2018

DISPATCHES FROM YOUNG-ADULT WEBSITE VOX.COM: Democratic socialism, explained by a democratic socialist.

I’m a staff writer at the socialist magazine Jacobin and a member of DSA, and here’s the truth: In the long run, democratic socialists want to end capitalism. And we want to do that by pursuing a reform agenda today in an effort to revive a politics focused on class hierarchy and inequality in the United States. The eventual goal is to transform the world to promote everyone’s needs rather than to produce massive profits for a small handful of citizens.

Democratic socialists share goals with New Deal liberals. But they want to go further.

So they’re liberals in a hurry, to coin a phrase. I’m sure it all work out fine this time around. (Dubbing yourself the descendants of the Jacobins is also a nice touch.)

(Classical reference in headline.)

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