July 24, 2018

THIS SORT OF THING IS ONLY IMMORAL WHEN BUSINESSES DO IT: Bill Nelson Campaign Still Dodging Taxes by Employing No Full-Time Staffers.

Florida Democrat Bill Nelson’s reelection campaign was still not employing full-time staffers entering the final quarter of the midterm election cycle, it’s newest filing with the Federal Election Commission shows.

The Washington Free Beacon reported earlier this month that Nelson had been using independent contractors instead of employees, allowing it to avoid costly payroll expenditures every other campaign incurs.

Nelson’s latest filing, covering activity from April through the end of June, shows the campaign continued the structure throughout the quarter, making regular payments to contractors for campaign work including fundraising, research, communications, compliance, and strategic planning. There were again no reported disbursements for payroll tax or employee health insurance, costs directly associated with having full-time staffers.

The Nelson campaign criticized the Washington Free Beacon‘s initial report, telling local reporters it was based on “out-of-date information” even though it was based on the most recent information available. The campaign did not respond to a request for comment on the new filing, which further confirms the initial report and shows the practice continued through at least June.

Well, that doesn’t sound very forthcoming.

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