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July 9, 2018

MAYBE IT’S NOT “MARRYING DOWN” AT ALL: Smart women need to marry down to become mothers because there aren’t enough smart men to go around, researchers warn.

Intelligent women should consider marrying less clever men if they want to start a family, according to researchers.

There are simply not enough brainy men to go round – so women may need to widen their search, warned the author of a report that found a growing number of professional women were freezing their eggs because they couldn’t find ‘Mr Right’.

‘There are fewer educated men in the world for educated women to partner with,’ said Marcia Inhorn, professor of anthropology at Yale University.

‘So if women want to find a partner with whom they can have children, they need a more expansive notion of who is Mr Right.

But with so many women accumulating so much student debt for low-return degrees, will the men see them as catches?

Related: This guy went to college, but it doesn’t make him husband material. “The sooner society lets go of the college degree as some sort of marker of success, the better the situation for women seeking their mate will become. The numbers won’t seem so jarring and the sad tales of women unable to find their equal will dissipate. Love shouldn’t have prerequisites. And a four-year college degree — one that often comes saddled with a side of serious relationship-poisoning debt — shouldn’t be the mark of a suitable suitor.”