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June 24, 2018

ROGER SIMON: Why The Left Is Having A Nervous Breakdown.

But I have news for them. It’s not at all about Trump. It’s about them.

Trump is what the shrinks call the ‘presenting complaint.” The real problem, as is often the case in psychotherapy, is something entirely different. And it is this: the left is dead. It’s not only dead, it’s decomposed with no there there or anywhere.

Only dopes or con artists believe in socialism anymore (hello, Venezuela!) and identity politics has been exposed as the racist shell game it is with blacks and Latinos actually doing better than they have in decades under the current pro-capitalist administration.

So the left has nothing to say, only most of them don’t quite realize it yet. But this blockage, this reluctance and even inability to deal with what is actually happening shuts down the brain and emerges as anger, the hamster wheel of constant rage against Trump.

And that, of course, feeds on itself, as we have seen for the past year and a half, making matters worse, not just for the obvious reason – the aforementioned alienation of the public – but for what it does to their own minds.

Anger makes you stupid. When is the last time you heard a creative idea coming out of the left? (Herbert Marcuse? Okay, scratch that.) When is the last time they even debated the issues in a serious way rather than simply hurling invective or worse?

Infuriating them even more is that Trump is not even a conventional Republican or a conventional anything for that matter, making a mockery of people (like leftists) with rigid, reified (and highly conventional) ideologies that, in most cases, haven’t altered one jot in decades.

Read the whole thing. And chuckle.