June 21, 2018

DAVID HARSANYI: Democrats Have Zero Tolerance For Illegal Immigration Solutions.

Now, I realize Democrats have gotten used to the idea of a president ruling with a pen and concocting immigration law unilaterally. It also looks as if Trump will sign an executive order. But Dems know executive action is not “easy.” Democrats know that the administration will likely be stopped by the courts, and that the long-standing Flores consent decree makes it difficult to enforce border laws and keep families together. They know that only legislation can allow both to happen, and they’re more interested in returning to the status quo — which though better than child separation, continues to ignore the problem.

As Gabriel Malor explained in detail, the proposed legislation cosponsored by every Senate Democrat was so carelessly written that it would prevent “federal law enforcement agencies almost anywhere inside the United States from arresting and detaining criminals who are parents having nothing to do with unlawfully crossing the border and seeking asylum.”

So someone should ask leading Democrats if they believe anyone with children should be detained at the border for any reason, at all? Has a leading Democrat explained how we can possibly know if those kids are ok if we have no way of ensuring their parents’ compliance to a court?

Or as I said on yesterday’s Right Angle segment, Schumer “is holding these kids hostages to make the situation worse so that Democrats don’t join in ‘rescuing’ Donald Trump for enforcing a Democrat law.”

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